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The same Themis IWB Holster with the added benefit of additional concealment via the concealment wing. The concealment wing aids in concealment by adding leverage to side of the holster, allowing your belt to push the grip of the firearm further towards your body. This holster will allow you to conceal a full size firearm extremely well.

The concealment wing can be removed if the user wishes however, it cannot be added to the standard Themis IWB. The concealment wing is mounted so that it does not interfere with the adjustable retention. Retention can still be adjusted and maintained by the screws located on the back side of the holster.

The Grabber Clip is the standard belt mounting option on the Themis - Appendix. It is our most popular mounting option, because it works great! When using the Grabber Clip, the user is capable of adjusting both ride height and cant, to find that perfect preference. Beware that when removing the Grabber Clip from your waist line that if it is not opened enough, you could tear your clothing. It works that well! 


- CNC precision tooling creates perfect fitting holsters

- Adjustable ride height and cant via slots. Simple adjustments!

- Adjustable retetion

- Concealment wing greatly aids in concealing longer grips. This is also removable.

- RMR cut to allow fit with any Mini Red Dot Sight and front mounted Rear sights.

- Suppressor height sight channel fits sights up to .475"

- Slide guard makes re-holstering easy and safe while also preventing uncomfortable contact with slide serrations

Current Stock:
Width: 10.00 (in)
Height: 9.00 (in)
Depth: 2.00 (in)
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