Developed and field tested by military and law enforcement, Quick Draw gives you the confidence of a fast draw each and every time you reach for your sidearm. No hanging, gripping, or friction to slow down your first shot time giving you the edge on the competition.

  • DECREASES DRAG for a faster draw time.
  • Helps the FEEL of the gun in the holster.
  • PROTECTS the finish of your firearm from micro-abrasions and rust, and extends the life of the holster.
  • It resists static electricity build-up leading to LESS DUST.
  • SAFE for all holster types including Kydex, Leather, Nylon, and Plastic.
  • Contains NO oils, water, waxes or other harsh chemicals.

There are numerous kinds of silicone, each with viscosity ranging from thinner than water to thick grease. Quick Draw was perfected by testing a range of silicone types and viscosities to create the perfect lubricant for drawing a handgun from modern snug holsters. In combination with lanolin, Quick Draw creates a thin lubricating and protecting layer of silicone, while the lanolin penetrates to protect the gunmetal and holster.

Q. Why not just get spray on silicone?

The only silicone spray lubricants available on the market are made for industrial use. If you look at the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), that is required for all aerosol products, you notice that they all have a minuscule amount of silicone in the product, usually between 1-4%. They do this because silicone is a very expensive ingredient, and they are putting the minimal amount and filling the rest of the product with fillers and extra unneeded propellants. Quick Draw has no less than 60% silicone by volume, which is the maximum amount that we could put in the product to make room for the propellant in our aerosol product.

Additionally, silicone is regularly found in several different types, each with different viscosities (thickness). Quick Draw was developed to be sprayed onto a holster and stick, providing the the optimal lubrication for that application. Most industrial silicone sprays use too low viscosity silicone, because they were designed to be sprayed on hinges and bolts and to seep into small cracks and crevices. This low viscosity (thin) silicone tends to seep into leather and other porous holster materials instead of providing a lubricating barrier where the gun contacts the holster.

Current Stock:
Width: 3.00 (in)
Height: 6.00 (in)
Depth: 2.00 (in)


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Surprised Me

I added this on to my order not expecting a whole lot. I then spoke to a buddy who said he had bought it and loved it. So I got it in with my new holster and sprayed it down, at first it seemed oily, but it dried and couldn't tell it was there. Seemed like it made my glock slide in and out of the holster freely. So I tried it on one of my knife's kydex sheaths and wow what a difference. For the price I highly recommend picking a bottle up and trying it for yourself and I highly doubt you'll be disappointed!!! Another great product acquired from Titan Concealment!!!!