The following are links to businesses and people that we have personal experience with and know that they deliver a high quality of service, professionalism, and are some of the best people we know. Please support them by clicking their logo and check out their business.
Green Academy of Personal Protection
G.A.P.P. is a firearms training company serving The Northeast. They teach defensive firearms use inside and outside the home with courses for pistol, rifle and shotgun. We personally train with G.A.P.P. as often as possible. Catch us out their next course!

Suburban Survival Blog
A blog dedicated to the education of invaluable skills neccessary for self reliance and prepping for the suburban lifestyle. Contributors are from the NYC/NJ areas and practice what they preach.

NJ 2nd Ammendment Society 
This is the leading foremost 2a rights group in New Jersey. They are leadinging the fight in gaining back the rights that the NJ legislature has so wrongfully deprived the citizens of. Please donate what you can to them. We're honored to be Sponsors of this organization.

Strategic Defense Training 

Tech Ops International
Tech Ops International is home to all of your firearms, gear and accessory needs. They are the original stocking retailer of Titan Concealment holsters. They are also the first place we go when buying a firearm.