Who is Titan Concealment?

Titan Concealment is a Kydex holster manufacturer founded in 2014, that is constantly striving to

deliver the highest quality gear available. We provide gear to the Average Joe, Police

Officers, hard use Pipe Hitters, as well as some of the most decorated instructors

around. Basically everyone from High Speed - Low Drag to Low Speed - High Drag.

We love to hear feedback from our users and often apply new ideas for use in

future models. We do not claim to bring you the next new trend in holsters or, some

new proprietary attachment/feature. We do however, promise to provide you with a

high quality piece of gear that will last. We have a no BS approach to our operation and

stand behind everything we do. All we want is for you to have a safe, high quality

holster so that you can train, patrol, or shoot a match, without worrying if your gear

will fail you.